The Best Type Of Vitamin For Your Body

Finding the best type of vitamins that will work for you is critical if you are looking for natural ways to improve your health. Finding natural remedies for better health is largely about receiving the nutrition your body needs.

Ensuring that our bodies get the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals from our diet is a very important, yet extremely difficult thing to do. Those of us who, for various reasons, are not able to meet our daily requirements from the foods that we eat, turn to vitamins and supplements as our only alternative.

Every year, health-conscious consumers spend billions of dollars on vitamins and nutritional supplements. But with so many manufacturers in the business, it is not easy to choose the best type of vitamin supplement for your specific needs from the seemingly endless options available.

Liquid, Capsule or Tablet?

When it comes to choosing your vitamin supplements, you can also choose between liquid, capsule, and tablet-form. None of these are bad, per se, but there is a significant difference with respect to how well they are absorbed by the body and how much of the nutrients simply pass through your system. This quite literally, is money that you are flushing down the toilet.

Liquid vitamins appear to have the best absorption profile, making them the best form of vitamins for many people. However, many supplements and vitamins are not yet available in this form. If you experience difficultly swallowing capsules or tablets, then liquid supplements may be the thing you need. Conversely, there are those people who think that liquid supplements taste just like cough syrup, and would much prefer the capsules or tablets.

Tablets are by far the most common presentation available. They are manufactured from organic cement material and subsequently molded into the desired shape.  The only big drawback to this delivery system is its poor ability to dissolve. The organic form of cement needs to be used in order for the tablets to be able to dissolve quickly and adequately once inside the body. But due to the higher cost of organic cement compared to its non-organic counterpart, many manufacturers choose not to use it in their tablets. These vitamin tablets are just not adequately absorbed inside the body.

Remember than when comparing different supplements, bioavailability is a very important consideration (i.e. how much of the product that you ingest is actually absorbed by your body). This is one reason high quality vitamin supplements are much more effective than those you may pick up at your local drug store.

We have found that the best type of vitamin supplements are those that have an enteric coating to be sure the nutrients are easily absorbed. Our experience has been that the benefits of vitamins are much more noticable when taken in this form. An enteric coating allows the nutrients to be released in the intestine, rather than the stomach where some nutrients are destroyed by stomach acid. Also, you will never get an upset stomach when taking enteric coated vitamins.

Vitamin supplements which come in the capsule form are many people`s favorites, since they dissolve quicker than the other delivery systems. One draw back is that since they are not compressed like tablets are, you need to take one that is twice as big as the equivalent tablet, or two capsules for each tablet. Again, there seems to be something for everyone.

Choosing the Best Multivitamin

There also seems to be countless options when it comes to where you to buy your supplements. They can be purchased on-line over the internet or you can find them at every nutrition or health-food store, the best known among them being GNC. GNC is very popular because they carry such an extensive selection. They offer a very large selection with prices that are very economical. They also have monthly promotions which keep their customers coming back and have resulted in GNC becoming a house-hold name and a leading force in the supplement market.

Consulting with your doctor is strongly recommended if you are not sure about which supplements you should and should not take. Remember that supplements are just that, supplements, which should never be taken to replace food. Be aware that some may have an interaction with medications you may be taking.

Maintaing a healthy, well-balanced diet is extremely important for your overall health whether or not you happen to be taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Talk to your doctor and make sure that you are clear about what your needs are and what the best type of vitamin supplement is for you. Together, you and your doctor can choose the supplement which is exactly what you need, thereby creating the perfect compliment to your diet and maximizing the potential benefits which you may derive from your investment.

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