The Health Benefits of Echinacea

Over the years, the list of health benefits of echinacea has grown. Originally used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes, the majority of those who still use it consider it to be good for boosting the immune system. The herb has become renowned for its use in treating colds, but there is far more to this pretty flower than just relieving cold symptoms.

Internal Benefits

Perhaps the most popular use of Echinacea is the prevention and treatment of the common cold. When taken internally, usually in capsule form, the herb activates T-cells, a vital part of the immune system. These cells then go on to kill bacteria and the Echinacea also works as an antibiotic, making it doubly potent against bacteria that cause disease.

When taken on a regular basis as a preventative medicine, Echinacea has proven to reduce the likelihood of illness and eases the blow of those sicknesses that do befall the user. Symptoms are almost always milder and recovery is faster The herb has been used to treat a range of illnesses over generations. In Europe, it was commonly used to treat Syphilis, diphtheria and malaria, as well as scarlet fever. Today, you can take it to help with urinary tract infections, allergies, ear infections, yeast infections and to help prevent hemorrhoids.

Topical Applications

The herb may also be applied directly to the skin. Eczema often benefits from the application of Echinacea and cuts or open wounds tend to heal faster when the herb is applied to the injury. It also prevents infections from developing, making it a good herb to keep near at all times.

Anyone who has problems with sunburns will appreciate a soothing salve made from Echinacea, too. It promotes healing of the burned area and will ease the pain. In lieu of salve, try bathing the affected area in cooled Echinacea tea to ease the pain and cool the inflamed skin. This can also work for open wounds.

You can purchase Echinacea in capsule form or in tea form, but you can also grow the herb yourself. It can be helpful to have it available fresh whenever you need it. Experts agree that the herb isnít just helping with healing, it actually enables the body to heal better and more efficiently. Nutritious, Too

Echinacea has been carefully studied to determine which are the active parts of the plant. It has been discovered that the herb contains a number of vitamins, including Vitamins A,C, and E. It also has iron, potassium, iodine and copper in it. All of these combine to work with the body to increase the immune system and ensure that you stay healthy.

These are the main health benefits of Echinacea, but you may find that it is useful for treating other issues, as well. It can be an excellent herb to take to help prevent illness, as well as to treat specific health problems and can be taken daily without problems. If you grow your own, try drying it to brew into tea or to create your own capsules.

Other health concerns that Echinacea is beneficial for:
Help for Toothache Pain
Reducing Urinary Tract Infections
Acne Treatments

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