The Health Benefits of CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 is a little known supplement that can work wonders with certain diseases. The health benefits of CoQ10, as it is called for short, range from treating age related diseases to helping overcome neurological problems and heart disease.

The effects are still being studied, but at this point, it is evident that the supplement is more than just a fancy name. It acts as an antioxidant, boosts the production of energy in cells and also helps prevent blood from forming potentially dangerous clots.

The body requires CoQ10 in order to function correctly, particularly when it comes to the immune system. The substance can be found in many organ meats, as well as in peanuts, mackerel and sardines. It is very important in energy production in all cells throughout the body. While a good diet can help keep levels up, many people find that they require a supplement to ensure optimum levels of the coenzyme.

Preventing Heart Problems

A number of heart problems can be prevented or treatedthrough the use of CoQ10. Since the substance helps produce about 90% of energy in heart cells, a lack of it can cause heart failure. Increasing levels can help prevent issues with the heart and can drastically boost the amount of blood being pumped through the circulatory system.

In addition, the coenzyme can help protect the brain after heart failure, which frequently causes brain damage of varying degrees. Those who receive CoQ10 treatments after heart failure have a better survival rate post-heart attack, as well as improved brain function, despite the fact that most people end up with some form of brain damage during heart failure and the following resuscitation attempts.

Fight Cancer

One of the health benefits of CoQ10 is its ability to boost the immune system, which is very useful in treating cancer. It also makes chemotherapy safer for the heart and reduces damage levels while increasing the effectiveness of the drugs.

Studies have shown that when the coenzyme is used on conjunction with regular cancer treatments, the treatments were more effective. In addition, the substance appears useful in moving cancer patients into remission, reducing corporal damage during the treatment process.

Slows Degenerative Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders like Parkinsonís, Huntingtonís and Alzheimerís seem to be slowed by CoQ10. While studies are still being conducted on these and other degenerative diseases, it would appear that the coenzyme helps to protect the brain and keeps it functioning more normally throughout the progression of the disease.

Fairly high dosages were required in order to obtain the best results during studies, which meant supplements are definitely necessary for treatment, as opposed to simply changing up your diet.

Other health benefits of CoQ10 include lowering blood cholesterol, easing fatigue in chronic fatigue syndrome, and lowering high blood pressure, as well as every day weariness and stopping migraines in their tracks. The coenzyme is invaluable in treating everything from cancer and headaches to neurological problems and arthritis, making it a very versatile and very useful supplement to take.

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